Why Pawfy?

Why Should I Give My Dog Pawfy Supplements?
We all want the best for our best friends. Our pawfy chews contain essential and beneficial ingredients to help your best friend live life to the fullest. Each of our formulas targets common problems, and research has proven that our ingredients can significantly improve your pet's health - especially when taken consistently. Best of all, they taste great, so your pooch will love them too!

Safety & Quality

How Old Should My Dog Be?
We recommend introducing the chews to your pooch's diet once they reach 1 year old. For any concerns, please contact your vet.
Where is Your Product Formulated and What Are Their Credentials?
Our products are manufactured in a US-based facility under current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) conditions. We work closely with our manufacturer to ensure only the best quality ingredients are used.
Where can I find The Ingredient List and Recommended Daily Intake?
Please refer to the respective product pages on our website for a detailed ingredient list and recommended intake. For any questions, please contact care@pawfy.com.
How Should I store Pawfy Chews?
We recommend storing Pawfy chews below 80°F and in a sealed package or container.

Shipping & Returns

Where Do You Ship To & How Long Before My Order Arrives?
We ship US-wide. Once your order is processed, you can expect to receive your order within Standard shipping within 2-5. For all subscriptions and for one time purchases of 2+ jars, we offer free shipping.
How Much Does Shipping Cost?
For one time purchases of one jar of Pawfy chews, the shipping charge is $5. For more than one jar or subscriptions, we offer free shipping US-wide.
How Do I Return My Product and What is Your Refund Policy?
We are confident your pooch will love the taste and health benefits of Pawfy chews. We are so sure that if you or your pup aren't fully satisfied, we offer a full refund within 30 days. To arrange a refund, simply contact care@pawfy.com.

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