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These wag-tastic daily multivitamins and probiotic chews boost all round well-being and health.

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The Problem

Does your dog’s diet deliver absolutely everything they need to be in tip-top-tail-wagging shape? Statistics say it probably doesn't.

It takes a lot of thought and conscious delivery to ensure your four-legged friend gets everything they need to keep their joints, skin, coat, digestion, heart and immune system healthy.

Our Solution

Provide a carefully formulated multivitamin and probiotic designed to deliver everything your dog needs, every day. Simply give them this delicious chicken flavored chew alongside their diet.

  • Improves gut health and digestive functioning
  • Freshens breath and maintains healthy bacteria
  • Helps boost immunity system and function
  • Increases energy and overall physical wellbeing

Labrador Reports

  • Research-Based Formula Thoroughly studied and tried unique formulas, proven to benefit your pup's health.

  • Tastefully Made Made with taste in mind, these are naturally flavored so they taste like real treats.

  • Natural & Supportive Jam-packed with natural ingredients known for their health-boosting benefits.

  • Made in USA Locally sourced ingredients and manufactured under cGMP conditions.

What’s Inside?

  • Organic turmeric

    A natural anti-inflammatory and immune support to boost wellbeing.

  • Nutrient mix

    Delivery of Pantothenic Acid, Manganese, Folic Acid and Biotin to support a healthy anatomy and overall wellbeing.

  • Vitamin mix

    A perfect balance of vitamins A, D3, E, C, B1, B6, B2, B12 for all-round health.

  • Probiotic mix

    Helps gut-health and immunity to work effectively and naturally.

  • Dried Yucca Schidigera

    Aids digestion and skin health and reduces stool odor.

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Feeding Guidelines

Pawfy Everyday Health Chews have been carefully created with the unique needs of dog health in mind. Be sure that they are getting everything they need for a healthy lifestyle.

Suggested use by weight:

  • Under 40 lb

    ½ - 1 chew per day

  • Over 40 lb

    1 - 2 chews per day

Customer Reviews

  • Dani S.

    “Love this product my Chuey is doing so much better, I was at my whits end with his yeast issues. Saw this product a few times and it was recommended by my friends.”

    Bonnie L.

    “My dog had an awful time of itching in his ears and constantly licking his paws. I started the probiotic and I can't believe how relieved he is. I give him one every other day.”

    Marie F.

    “I have a 13 year old cocker who has had skin issues her whole life. Her fur falls out and her skin is dry and flaky. We only give her bottled water and cook her a fresh meal everyday. After two weeks of these treats, her skin is healing and her hair is growing back. Can’t recommend enough.”

    Jill M.

    “These chews have been a life saver for me with my two dogs. Both dogs have severe stomach issues and battle bloating, gas and frequent diarrhea. I tried a powdered probiotic, but that did nothing to help, and then I found Pawfy Probiotics. These have helped massively and all symptoms of poor gut health have disappeared. ”

    Nat C.

    “My German shepherds had BAD gas. The kind of gas that makes it impossible to invite friends over. I give them each one of these per day, which they eat like a treat. It has been 4 days and I haven’t smelled a fart since the second day of giving them these. So amazed with this product!”

    Stuart Lee

    “My dog has been biting at his paws and scratching his ears for months to the point of balding. I had tried just about everything before my vet recommended these chews. I have been giving them to my dog for a month and he no longer bites his paws and all his fur has already started to grow back. ”

  • Tom A.

    “My dog loved them, but unfortunately his issues were far too serious for these to help.”

    Karen L.

    “Was not able to get them as they had ran out of stock, they fully refunded me but can’t leave a review without receiving them.”

    Marilyn J.

    “My picky pup loves these treats and his incessant paw licking went away, just one thing to note, if you have a big dog, you definitely need to buy more than one.”


    “So far he has taken it for 2 months and I can see the difference in him. Will continue to give it to him.”

    Tauna C.

    “Dogs love this and I feel like their itching has gotten better”

    John M.

    “As described, fast delivery and dogs seem to love the taste!”

  • Melanie S.

    “One dog loves them and the other one has gotten used to the taste and eats them willingly now after a few days of being not-so-sure. He has stopped whimpering when climbing up stairs which is such a sight to see! Thank you Pawfy

  • Ron D.

    “My 8 year old GSD has a partially torn ACL- right knee. He's super active, loves to hike and play fetch, but in recent months he's been wobbling. After a week or two of taking these, he seems to be in less pain. I would have done anything to help relieve some of his pain so I’m so glad these worked for him!”

  • Rita O.

    “Bought these for my whippet she has a lot of leg pain especially with the cold weather. Started them 2 weeks ago and she is now running in the park this morning. That was about 12 chews worth as we skipped a couple of days (my mistake). In love with these!”

  • Jeremy D.

    “Both my dogs have severe allergies and found the perfect supplement that has reduced all the itching. No more scratches.”

  • Tom A.

    “My dog loved them, but unfortunately his issues were far too serious for these to help.”

  • Karen L.

    “Was not able to get them as they had ran out of stock, they fully refunded me but can’t leave a review without receiving them.”

  • Stan G.

    “My Yorkie had scaly sores all over her, took her to to the vet for shots and pills once a month. It would get a little better then right back to the way it was and two to three hundred dollars each time... we tried Pawfy itch chews now her skin is doing great. Thanks so much!”

  • Alex B.

    “Totally turned our dogs skin condition around. No more scratching and no constant licking from both of them.”

  • Robin R.

    “The joint chews really helped my older pit bull. I noticed a difference in her mobility after a couple weeks. She was able to jump back up on the bed.”

  • Deb C.

    Pawfy joint care has help my dog. She is 14 years old. She loves the taste of the joint treatment. When I had trouble with an order they made it right. Great customer service”

  • Christine P.

    “My pups love this. They are both senior dogs and it has done wonders for both of them and their health.”


What Age Can My Dog Start Using Pawfy Probiotic?
Our Probiotic soft chews are suitable for dogs of any age and breed, however, we recommend introducing this treat to your pup slowly when they are around 6 months old. If you have any concerns please consult your vet.
How Many Chews in Each Jar?
There are 30 delicious chews in each jar.
How Many Chews Should I give my Dog?
Under 40 lbs - 1/2-1 chew per day
Over 40 lbs - 1 chew per day
What Flavor Are The Chews?
Our Probiotic chews are vegetarian chicken flavored - which your pup will adore!
Are They Suitable For Dogs With Chicken Allergies?
Yes! We use a vegetarian chicken-flavored seasoning to cater to dogs with sensitivities or chicken allergies.
When Will I Begin to See an Improvement?
We recommend giving them to your dog for 2-3 weeks to begin seeing noticeable improvement.